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Alpine HCE-C305R - Active View Camera System



Alpine’s Camera Systems expand and extend your view of the area around your vehicle. The most versatile cameras on the market, they give you more capabilities for better maneuverability and greater safety. This advanced camera not only gives you a clear view to the rear of the vehicle, it alerts you to moving objects. Using ALERT (ALpine External Recognition Technology), the camera monitors a wide, deep zone in rear of the vehicle. When a moving person or car is detected, it highlights the object on the screen and also outputs a warning sound.

For Features & Specifications please click the here HCE-C305R – ACTIVE VIEWTM CAMERA SYSTEM


Camera Views

Camera Views

Product information

Product information HCE-C305R

Standard reversing situation: colored distance guides indicate the distance to any object behind your car. The guides can be adjusted to match your vehicle.



Red arrows and a warning sound indicate an approaching vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian and the direction




Multi-View allows you to see left and right behind your car when backing out of tight parking spots. A red warning box and sound indicate approaching vehicles and pedestrians to avoid an accident.


A second later a pedestrian approaches from the right, as the camera system indicated. Due to the early warning an accident was prevented




Supplied and fitted price for all vehicle is from £399 inc vat

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