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Fiscon Bluetooth Audi MMI 2G Pro Retrofit

Fiscon Bluetooth Audi MMI 2G Pro

Fiscon Bluetooth “2G Pro”


  • Audi MMI 2G – £403

VAT not included

Installation takes approximately 2h

Fiscon Bluetooth 2G Pro

Product description


  • Kufatec Bluetooth hands free kit FISCON version “Pro” Audi MMI 2G
  • Suitable for the following Audi vehicles equipped with MMI High, MMI Basic Plus:

– A4 8K

– A5 8T

– A6 4F

– A8 4E

– Q7 4L

  • Invisible mounting of the microphone by using the original location
  • Full integration into the MMI 2G infotainment system
  • OEM-menu driven operation by using:

– MMI oparation panel

– Multifunctional steering wheel (if available)

  • Display of telephone information within the DIS as well as MMI screen
  • Voice output through the vehicle speakers – no installation of additional speakers neccessary


  • Automatic national language – language display of the vehicle infotainment system
  • Using of the following telephone functions:

– Phonebook browsing* (limited to 1000 phonebook entries –  sub-entries included)

– Access to call lists* (dialed, accepted, missed calls)

– Placing, answering, ending a call

– Volume control

– A2DP* Audiostreaming (Only for MMI High) in order to play music files through the speakers of the vehicle – Outstanding sound quality due to fully digital transfer of the music

– A2DP** comfortable operation as usual like a CD changer

– Display of provider as well as coverage*

– SMS short messages* – Access to Read as well as Unread messages

  • Shows incoming calls with name entries of the phonebook* – Option to accept or decline a call
  • Up to 5 mobile phones can be paired – Paired phones can be choosen or changed from the MMI system
  • Alphabetic search of phonebook entries
  • Unlimited software updates
  • Mute


  • *If supported from mobile phone
  • **The vehicle must not be equipped with more than one CD changer
  • Characteristic MMI High:

– Coloured screen

– DVD navigation in the back (if available)

  • Characteristic MMI Basic Plus:

– Monochrome screen

– DSP amplifier in the back

  • Suitable for almost all available Bluetooth mobile phones on the market – Range of functionality always depends on the mobile phone
  • MMI panels without TEL-button can be replaced by using item with the TEL-button(please add £330)