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Fiscon Bluetooth Basic Plus VW Skoda Retrofit

Fiscon Bluetooth Basic Plus VW Skoda


  • Fiscon Bluetooth “Basic Plus”   – £310

VAT not included

Installation takes approximately 2h

Fiscon Bluetooth Basic Plus

Product description


  • Kufatec Bluetooth Hands Free Kit “Basic-Plus” version
  • Suitable for almost all available Bluetooth mobile phones on the market
  • Range of functionality always depends on the mobile phone
  • Suitable for VW vehicles equipped with head unit*

– RNS 510

– CD 510

– RNS 810

– RNS 310 (from 2011 model year with RNS 310 software index 0351/ from FISCON software index 1.87)

  • Suitable for Skoda vehicles equipped with head unit*

– Columbus

– Bolero


  • Overall integration in the vehicle Infotainment systems
  • Automatic national language -auto set and display of the national language. Current available languages:

– German

– English

– Spanish

– Italian

– French

– Dutch

– Portuguese

  • Audio responsethrough the speakers of the vehicle – no installation of additional speakers neccessary
  • A2DP Audiostreaming in order to play music files through the speakers of the vehicle (if supported by mobile phone)
  • SMS short messages (if supported by mobile phone)

– SMS reading, sending of ready made short messages

  • Guided OEM-operation by using:

– Head unit RCD 510, RNS 510, RNS 810, RNS 310

– Multifunctional steering wheel (if available)

– DIS stalk switch (if available)

– Factory fitted Driver information system+ (DIS+) is required

  • Volume control regarding:

– A2DP

– Caller

– Ring tone

  • Microphone adjustment (up to 30DB) through the cluster in order to optimize the voice quality
  • Software Updates always available
  • FISCON diagnostic access – While using VW-Audi diagnostic system VAS the following functions can be completed:

– Check interface information (software index)

– Completing an Interface RESET (factory settings)

  • ICON display – In case of storing different numbers within one contact the specific icon will be displayed:

– Mobile

– Work

– Private

  • Display of provider as well as coverage (if supported by mobile phone)
  • Using of the following telephone functions:

– Phonebook browsing** (limited to 1000 phonebook entries –  sub-entries included)

– Placing, answering, ending a call

– Volume control

– A2DP


  • Mute
  • Best voice quality (even by high pace)
  • DIS Add on –Extended display of the following data’s through the instrument cluster:
  • Only available for vehicles with red DIS

– Boost pressure in bar (depends on vehicle)

– Oil temeperature in°C/ F

– Water temeperature in°C/ F

– Remaining petrol capacity in l

– Speed in km/h – m/h

– Revolutions per minute



  • FISCON operating through head unit RNS 310 from 2011 model year with RNS 310 software index 0351
  • *At this stage the handsfree kit is suitable for the following vehicles:

– Volkswagen Polo (6R)

– Volkswagen Golf 5, Jetta (1K0)

– Volkswagen Golf 6 (5K)

– Volkswagen Tiguan (5N)

– Volkswagen Touran (1T0)

– Volkswagen EOS (1F)

– Volkswagen Passat 3C (3C0)

– Volkswagen Passat CC (3C8)

– Volkswagen Passat (B7)

– Volkswagen Sharan (7N)

– Volkswagen Caddy (2K)

– Volkswagen Scirocco (1K8)

– Volkswagen Touareg (7L) GP ab 2008 (For vehicles with red DIS operating the hands free is only possible through the head unit)

– Volkswagen T5 (7E)

– Volkswagen Phaeton (3D) GP ab 2009

– Skoda Octavia II (1Z)

– Skoda SuperB (3T)

– Skoda Yeti

– Seat Leon (1P)

  • **If supported from mobile phone