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Blue Optimize Fuel Economy Tuning

Economy Remapping

Blue Optimize fuel economy and car fuel saving tuning has been internationally recognised as world class leading technology and has won Viezu a number of very prestigious awards, including the UK Chamber of Commerce “Innovation In Technology” award for 2011. And FleetNews Cost saving initiative of the Year 2013 for our Fuel economy tuning and Van fuel economy services provided to British Telecom.

Economny Ecu Remapping

Except Power and Torque improvements, sharper throttle response, smoother more progressive power delivery The most important benefit you will see is the significant fuel cost savings from Viezu’s Blue Optimize fuel economy tuning. More you drive the more you SAVE! And its Guaranteed, instantaneous fuel saving or your money back. Economy ECU remapping is fully custom written and it is dyno developed, proven and emission tested.

Blue Optimize

Why to BlueOptimize Your Vehicle?

  • Up to 20% savings on the cost of fuel
  • Up to 20% reduction on emissions
  • Zero proven impact on warranty and zero impact on residual value
  • No mechanical modifications
  • One-off installation fee
  • Possible return on investment within 6 months or less
  • No on-going maintenance fees – only fuel save monitoring
  • Enhanced sharper throttle response
  • Smoother more progressive power delivery
  • Power and Torque improvements
  • No Impact on Insurance – In most cases
  • Reset vehicle to standard at any time
  • Guaranteed instantaneous fuel saving with a 30 day trial or your money back.
  • 24 months warranty
  • Insured up to £5 million.

How will my vehicle improve?

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Our Pricing

  • OBD2– £170
  • Bench remapping– £440*
  • Rolling Road prior and after– £110**

Vat not included

*Bench remapping requires removal of the ecu from the car and for the ecu to be flashed on the bench with sophisticated equipment. This will be confirmed once we know your vehicle’s make, model, manufacturing date and engine code.

**your vehicle would need to be brought to Warwick