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Cobra CAN-BUS Alarm for VW Audi Seat and Skoda

Cobra Can Bus alarm for vw caddy transporter t5 and t6

Cobra CAN-BUS Alarm


We are pleased to offer the new A4600 Series of Thatcham 2-1 approved CAN integrated alarms, fully compatible with OE immobilisers and with a wide range of CAN-bus protocols. Suitable for wide range of vehicles and vans. A perfect security solution for VW Caddy, VW Transporter and VW Golf based models.


Your Options:


To Start With: 4600 Series Wireless Alarm
The A4615P Cobra CAN-BUS Alarm is Thatcham CAT 2-1 accredited. Fully compatible with Can-bus vehicles, works with your existing remote and includes:
1.Two ultrasonic sensors  for cabin protection.
2. High Power wireless battery Back- up Siren
3. Boot, bonnet and doors protection
4. Small emergency panel push button
5. Personal emergency Pin Code
6. Engine starting inhibition. As soon as the alarm is armed the engine start is not possible anymore.

Supply and fit £POA+ Vat

cobra-can-bus alarm-vw-transporter-t5-t6-caddy-a4015p

Cobra Can-bus Alarm A4615P for VW Audi Skoda Seat



To Boost Your Van’s Security:

We would like to remain you that the security degree of this Cobra CAN-BUS Alarm system can be increased by adding the following modules:


Level Monitor A5452
The level sensors secures tyres, rims and wheels. The alarm is triggered  when angle of the car is changed or someone should try to jack, tow or lift the vehicle.  For long vehicles we would recommend to fit two level sensors, one in front and anther one at the back of the vehicle.

Supply and fit £65 + Vat *

Cobra Level Monitor Sensors A5452 for vw caddy and transporter t5 t6

Microwave Sensor A5462
It will trigger the alarm if the sensors detects an object entering projected microwave bubble. This sensors is
particularly recommended for convertibles vehicles, and for protecting the storage compartment  of Vans, and the living area of motor homes. For vehicles with side door we would recommend to fit two sensors, one next to each door.

Supply and fit from £66 + Vat*

Cobra Microwave Sensor A5462

Infrasonic Sensor
It will trigger the alarm if a window is smashed or a door opened. the infrasonic sensor comprises two pressure sensors that monitor air pressure inside and outside the vehicle.

Supply and fit from £66 + Vat*

Cobra Infrasonic Sensor cobra

Driver Card- The driver recognition…
If the Driver Card has been provided during the normal usage of the vehicle the driver is recognized by the system in two ways:

1.Automatic: by the Driver Card matched to the system

2.Manual: by entering with the emergency panel push button the first two digits of the PIN Code.


With the Driver card The starting inhibition becomes active after 115s the vehicle has been switched
OFF. The starting inhibition is immediately deactivated if the Driver Card is detected or when a correct emergency PIN Code has been  digit on the emergency panel.  this functionality is totally independent from the other ones. The vehicle will not start if the Driver Card hasn’t been recognized.

Supply and fit £45 + Vat*

Cobra Driver Card can bus alarm vw audi seat skoda
To Download Cobra CAN BUS Alarm A4600 User Manual Please click the button below

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*above prices apply only to VAG group CAN-BUS vehicles, for other make and models please contact us for a quote.