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Westfalia Fixed Towbars for VW Audi Seat And Skoda Supply and Fit

Westfalia Fixed Towbars for VW Audi Seat And Skoda

westfalia fixed towbar vw audi skoda seat


We are pleased to offer the VW / Audi Approved Westfalia Towbars.

Our Installation service includes the following:

-13pin Genuine Vehicle-specific Wiring kit

-13pin to 7pin adapter

-Towbar system of your chose

-Instrument Cluster indication when trailer attached(if supported by your vehicle)

-Professional fitment and coding included.


The fixed towbar is the most affordable towbar system and is ideal for regular use. Westfalia-Automo tive offer two different types of fixed towbar, the swan neck and flange.

  Swan Neck Towbar

Westfalia Swan Neck towbar

The swan neck towbar is the most common type of towbar used across Europe.
With the swan neck the tow ball and the neck form one piece of the towbar.
If you want to tow and attach a cycle carrier at the same time, the swan neck towbar will not be for you.




Flange Towbar

Westfalia Flange Towbar

The flange towbar was for many years the only type of towbar manufactured in the UK. The tow ball is bolted to the towbar with either two bolts or four bolts. The flange is a versatile towbar which can be used with towball mounted accessories eg cycle carriers, bumper protectors and all types of stabilisers, all mounted between the towbar and ball.
The flange towbar is non-removable. If you want to tow and attach a cycle carrier at the same time, the flange towbar will be for you.

The benefits of a fixed towbar from Westfalia-Automotive

  • Uncomplicated: The Westfalia-Automotive towbar is known for its quick and precise mounting performance
  • Always ready: Because it is mounted permanently, the fixed towbar is ideal for constant use
  • The original: Westfalia-Automotive invented the towbar. When you buy a towbar from Westfalia-Automotive, you know you’ll get OEM quality.


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