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OEM Cruise Control

For supplied and fitted OEM Cruise Control please select Your vehicle make:


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How does OEM Cruise Control work?

Cruise Control is a system that automatically controls the speed of a motor vehicle. The system takes over the throttle of the car to maintain a steady speed as set by the driver.

We only use a New Genuine VW & Audi cruise control units. All of them have on/off, +, -, set and resume buttons which allow you to set and control vehicles speed. Bellow you can see two samples of cruise control stalks installed in 2001 Audi TT and 2009 Audi A4.

oem cruise control tt mk1 stalk

oem cruise control swich a4 b8

The system can hold any speed above 15miles/h constant, so far as this is permitted by engine output.


The system is switched on by moving switch to ON. When the speed to be maintained has been reached the button SET must be pressed briefly. The foot can then be taken off the accelerator pedal.


The stored speed can be reduced or increased without using the accelerator by pressing + or – button. If you press and hold the button, the speed will decrease/increase through automatic deceleration/acceleration. The speed reached when releasing the button will be saved.


The system is temporary switched off when brake or clutch pedals are used. The speed stored at this time will remain in the memory.
To resume the previously stored speed hit the RES button after the brake or clutch pedals are released.