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OE Style Flush Mount Cobra Parkmaster R0394 and F0394

OE Style Flush Mounted Parking Sensors from Cobra/Vodafone  R0394 F0394


Perfect alternative to a OEM reversing  sensors.


Totally flush fit solution. Vodafone R0394 and F0394 providing a totally flush installation and a superior manufacturer style finish.

All sensors will be painted to match the vehicle paint color to ensure they look an integral part of the vehicle bumper. warranty-2 yrs


Cobra/Vodafone  Rear R0394 supplied, color coded and fitted Price List


  • Rear ParkMaster R394 – From £240+vat 
  •  RADIO MUTING* Feature-From £65+vat 

*if your vehicle is compatible

 OE Style Flush Mount Cobra Parkmaster R0394 and F0394

How does the rear system activate?

Rear parking sensors activate with reverse gear. The buzzer will beep once, The system will stay active as long as reverse gear is on. Closer you are to an obstacle, the faster it beeps, and finally at about one foot away it goes constant. 

Cobra/Vodafone Front F0394 supplied, color coded and fitted Price List


  • Front  Parkmaster F394 with on/off switch – from £390 + Vat

 OE Style Flush Mount Cobra Parkmaster R0394 and F0394

How does the front system activate?

Front Parking Sensors activate with ignition or engine on. The buzzer will beep once and The LED light on the on/off switch turns on. Front parking sensors also activate with reverse gear. It will remain active as long as reverse gear is selected.

After activation, if front system does not detect an obstacle within 10s-60s it deactivates. Time out can be set to 10s or 60s. The LED light on the small on/off switch will be dimmed when system is deactivated.

The system will reactivate by either, engaging reverse gear, pressing the switch or turning the ignition/engine of and back on.

Tone of both buzzers is different, so it is easily to tell which system is beeping, front or rear.


front parking sensors on/off switch with time out feature OE Style Flush Mount Cobra Parkmaster R0394 and F0394

front parking sensors on/off switch with time out feature

Rear parking sensors are Tow Bar compatible. Color coding, UK Installation  included.


To arrange an installation please click on the CONTACT us button and fallow the instructions.


Why ParkMaster Cobra flush fit parking sensors? What makes it unique?

Park Master 0394 series is the first flush mount solution for After factory fit which can be adjusted to bumper thickness. This provides a remarkable aesthetic result: the very small sensors are perfectly aligned to the bumper and one can hardly imagine the system is not factory fitted.


Cobra ParkMaster R0394  Flush Fit Parking Sensors In Action, radio MUTING feature.



All pictures below show OE Style Flush Mount Cobra/Vodafone Parkmaster R0394 and F0394, A0358 parking sensors fitted into our customers vehicles.