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VagCome Tweaks Audi A4 B8 2009-2011



  • Emergency brake warning- it will flash your brake lights in a panic stop. £5



  • Audi B8 Enable Auxiliary Ventilation Controls – will allow you to leave your blower motor running for your ventilation and circulate the air through your car. You can either set it to continue running when you leave the car or set multiple timers to start up on given dates and times. £25
  • Audi parking system – Change deactivation Speed of Camera £5
  • DIS with Efficiency Program for MY2010+ – Not a complete Program without the Start/Stop £5
  • Correct Consumption in DIS program £5
  • Enabling Lap Timer on MY2010+. £10
  • Auto Release Brake without Seatbelt On – This will allow you to move your car and have the brake release without your seatbelt on £10
  • Release Parking Brake without putting foot on Brake £10
  • Disable “Please Release parking brake” message while in gear £5
  • Phone – Voice Control: (NOT available for MY2010) £5
  • Operating Windows and Sunroof with Remote £5
  • Disable window lock – This will disable the window lock out button on the driver’s door. £5
  • Disables one touch down/up – On Drivers Window £5
  • After-wipe of windscreen wipers when windscreen washer has been used £5




  • LED Brightness Adjustment £5
  • Keep LED’s at Full Brightness with Parking Lights This will stop the LED’s from dimming when the parking lights are turned on. £5
  • Enabling Gauge Test/Needle Sweep This will sweep the gauge needles through their full range automatically when you start the engine £5
  • Enable Adjustable Ambiance/Background lighting (Foot Lighting) £5
  • Keep LED DRL’s on With Turn Sign £5
  • Front Fog Lights stay on with High-beams £5
  • Rear Fog Lights stay on with High-beams £5
  • Headlights on all the time £5