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VW T5 Genuine Cruise Control System 

VW Transporter T5 & T6 Cruise Control


VW Transporter T6 Cruise Control Retrofit

Transporter T5 and T6 cruise control supply and fit, This is for Genuine VW Cruise control system not approved by VW aftermarket cruise control that many dealers would fit instead.

Transporter T5 and T6 cruise control retrofit


Once installed, t5 cruise control will work exactly like factory fitted system

The new stalk would have  ON/OFF, + ( RESUME), – ( SET) buttons which allow you to set and control vehicles speed.


Please note in some causes vehicle’s BCM would need to be replaced. Please see below for more details.


MODEL – Supply and Fit

  • T5.1 up to 2015 with 087 or higher BCM (body control module) already fitted- £240 or £320 if you would like to have MFD retrofitted at the same time. This would give you extra features lake MPG, Speed warnings, Range to empty , average speed etc
  • T5.1 with 086 BCM fitted – £636

For supply only please click HERE to visit our online shop.

Vat included


  • New Transporter T6 £280 + vat with 087 or higher BCM (body control module) already fitted. If you wish to have MFSW retrofitted at the same time, please contact us for more details.

For Supply ONLY and to visit our online shop please click HERE,

We do also have a leathers multi function steering wheels in stock, if this is something you would be interested in, please click HERE for more details.


Customer Notice: We are unable to verify if the BCM installed in your Van is Highline or Lowline. You would need to check the BCM’s part number yourself.  DIY how to find the part no. of your BCM can be found here. Once you know the part no. please email us with it and we’ll do the rest.


The installation takes approximately 2h.



You are welcome to stay in our waiting area, where we have free Wi-Fi connectivity, Smart TV , range of magazines, workshop viewing area, comfortable sofa and hot drinks. If you need to stay mobile for business and pleasure, we offer a loan car (subject to availability) while the work is being carried out. A range of vehicles available.  Easy to book, fully comprehensive insurance available.


To arrange an installation please click on the contact us button and follow the instructions