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Vodafone Protect & Connect Tracking - Professional Retrofits Limited

Remote management of your vehicle with theft tracking on demand

gps tracking


Affordable tracking protection for your vehicle Vodafone Protect & Connect gives you the ability to remotely monitor your vehicle whilst also having the European leader for stolen vehicle tracking services as a backup to recover the vehicle in the unfortunate event of a theft. Vodafone Protect & Connect uses the latest GPS / GPRS /GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled service levels. It is installed covertly into your car so thieves have no idea that a tracking system is present.


A connected car experience With Vodafone Protect & Connect, remote management of your vehicle is now in your hands. Through a dedicated mobile & web application, you have the ability to access and manage a number
of safety and security features that Vodafone Protect & Connect offers. The ‘My Connected Car’ mobile app provides easy access to vehicle information such as; real-time vehicle location, directions to the vehicle and geofence ability.


Class leading services for recovery As the European market leader for stolen vehicle recovery, Vodafone Automotive has built up a network of secure operating centres to be able to recover vehicles in 49 countries worldwide.

Vodafone Protect & Connect (Entry)

Vodafone Protect & Connect (Entry one )



Vodafone Protect & Connect

Vodafone Protect & Connect offers theft tracking on demand with coverage in 44 European
countries and comes included with ‘My Connected Car’ web and mobile applications

  • Pinpoint GPS Tracking
    Accurate to within 10 metres
  • International GSM & GPRS Coverage
    Unique roaming SIM card gives coverage
    across more than 180 countries
  • European Coverage
    Local language Police liaison and recovery
    across 40 European countries and Russia
  • 24/7 Service
    Via Vodafone Automotive’s Europe wide
    network of Secure Operating Centres
  • Theft History
    Helps Police to secure convictions
  • System Transferable
    System transferable to a new vehicle
    Re-installation charge applies
  • System Health Check
    Regular automatic self diagnostic check
  • Full 3 year warranty
    All Vodafone CobraTrak systems benefit from
    a comprehensive 3 yr parts & labour warranty
  • App & Web included
    See below for details of the Vodafone
    Protect & Connect app

my connect app for gps tracking


My Connected Car App and Web Features

  • Live Vehicle Location
    Including satellite Google maps viewing
  • Trip reports
    See your latest and historical journeys
    including distance travelled as well as average
    and maximum speed
  • Geofence
    Set a Geofence zone and receive an in-app
    notification if vehicle enters or leaves that area
  • Speed Alert
    Set a specific speed limit and receive an in-app
    notification if you exceed that limit
  • Multiple vehicles
    Up to 10 vehicles available in one account
  • Car Finder Route (Driving & Walking)
    Can’t remember where you parked? Car finder
    shows you the quickest way to get back to
    your vehicle

Supply and fit price- Including subscription


  • 1st year free subscription £199 + vat fitted
  • 3 Year subscription £270 + vat fitted
  • Renewal fee only £45 inc. Vat
  • unfortunate event of a theft only £99 inc. vat

download brchore


Installation takes approximately 1h