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VW Transporter T5 Front OPS Parking Sensors Retrofit - Professional Retrofits Limited

VW Transporter T5 and T6 Front OPS Parking Sensors Retrofit

VW Transporter T5 Front and Rear OPS Parking Sensors Retrofit

VW Transporter T5 Front OPS Parking Sensors Upgrade


Volkswagen Front OPS System for T5 and T6 Transporter

If your VW Transporter T5 comes only with Rear Genuine Volkswagen Factory fitted  parking sensors and you wish to get front sensors too, it is possible to upgrade to Front and Rear OPS by retrofitting front parking sensors and by upgrading your PDC module for the one with OPS support (OPS stands for Optical Parking Sensors that would display visual presentation on the head unit like RNS510 or RNS315).

Front VW optical parking sensors supplied, color coded and fitted

  • VW Transporter T5 GB T5.1 7H/7E 2010-2015 Front OPS upgrade £539
  • VW Transporter T6 Front OPS upgrade £569


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VAT not included. Color coding and installation included.


How does the front system activate?


Front parking sensors activate automatically with reverse gear or on/off switch. The buzzer will beep once, The system will stay active as long as reverse gear is on. Closer you are to an obstacle, the faster it beeps, and finally at about one foot away it goes constant.


If there is no obstacle detected the Front OPS system switches off automatically after several seconds from deselecting reverse gear or when the vehicle drives faster than approximately 6mph.


You can mute the acoustic signals of the VW optical parking system by pressing the MUTE function button on the radio screen or navigation system. The muting will be canceled if the OPS is Switched off and on again.


See Front and Rear OPS Parking Sensors on T5 it in action


VW Transporter T5 OPS front and Rear parking sensors on/off PDC switch

PDC button Volkswagen Transporter T5

Front and Rear OPS system is Towbar compatible. However it has to be a OEM factory fitted tow bar or aftermarket tow bar with dedicated electrics.


Installation takes approx. 5-6h. To arrange an installation please click on the CONTACT us button and fallow the instructions.


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